Secondary Mold and Water Damage

Posted on: February 11, 2013 in General, Tips

Last week we received a call from a homeowner who had some wind damage to their chimney. Unfortunately since its out of site they didn’t detect the issue for a little while allowing water intrusion little at a time which later developed into a mold problem. Many instances insurance companies will not cover the “secondary damage” putting it back in the homeowners court since technically it could’ve been remedied at the source.

This gave us an idea for a post to hopefully help out some property owners (residential and commercial) understand the importance of knowing how insurance policies work in relation to certain kinds of water damage.

A) You have a pool in your backyard that happened to leak, ruining your lawn and back rooms of the house closest to your yard. 

There’s a good chance that any personal property will be covered as well as damage to the home. However, your beautiful now water damaged lawn will not be covered. There are certain contingencies that will allow your policy to kick in and cover your land though. Keep in mind that there are many unique facets to certain insurance plans and you should consult w/ your agent but some examples are vandalism, air craft, someone else’s automobile, & explosion to name a few. In our opinion most of these seem ridiculous which is probably why they are in the policy.


B) A nearby body of water overflows and makes its way onto your property causing a your home to flood. 

This is pretty much across the board but normal home insurance policies do not cover floods. You must have a separate flood policy for this unfortunate event. Some home or business owners are forced to purchase flood insurance if you are in a zone that requires it. This is usually directed by FEMA. Every so often a new map is creating which causes some homes to require flood insurance even if they weren’t previously. It’s always a good idea to check with FEMA first before you buy flood insurance, even if you receive a letter from your bank. They should have all the update info available in the event you need to provide some documentation.


C) During a heavy storm or hurricane water leaks into your home through the roof. Personal property is damaged as well as your roof. 

In this case your roof will more than likely not be covered because this will fall under home owner maintenance but your personal property inside your home will most likely be covered along with any water damage to your home.

In a different instance, like a next door neighbors tree falls on your roof then the damage to your roof is covered.


D) Washing machine malfunction leads to flooded house

I think we all agree that this should be covered. However, it depends on your insurance companies view of the problem. Was this caused due to maintenance neglect or was this just a freak unfortunate circumstance? Most of the time you should be good to go and covered.


E) Pipes freeze causing them to burst, you are now standing in 6 inches of water in your living room. 

We obviously don’t see this kind of water damage in Orlando, FL however pipes do burst regardless of geographic location. We’ve been called to homes or commercial property everywhere from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, & up to Tallahassee. Almost every policy covers this kind of water damage. However, just like anything other scenario there’s always a fine print to consider. Was the home left unattended and without heat in freezing temperatures? This could cause an adjuster to make some notes that could hurt your claim. The good news is the majority of the time you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to pushing your claim through regarding broken pipes.


We hope some of this info helped a little bit and will allow you to think ahead if you happen to see something that could cause a secondary type of damage which would lead to insurance backing out of the coverage. Either way we are glad to help. We work closely with all insurance companies to make sure you are taking care of and your claim gets paid.

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